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The Chromatin Remodeling Component Arid1a Is a Suppressor of Spontaneous Mammary Tumors in Mice.
SCHIMENTI LAB | Genetics. Aug 2016

The oncogenic transcription factor c-Jun regulates glutaminase expression and sensitizes cells to glutaminase-targeted therapy.
CERIONE LAB | Nat. Commun. April 2016

A SIRT2-Selective Inhibitor Promotes c-Myc Oncoprotein Degradation and Exhibits Broad Anticancer Activity.

Comprehensive genomic characterization of five canine lymphoid tumor cell lines.

HUS1 regulates in vivo responses to genotoxic chemotherapies.
WEISS LAB | Oncogene. February 2016



Cancer Research at Cornell highlighted in SCOPES

Peter DelNero and Alex McGregor publish their perspectives on the Cornell-Cancer Resource Center collaboration in Science.


Cornell University partnership with the
Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes

For more information, see the Education page.

Fall Seminar Series

Patients and Family Members Share their Experiences with Students
Wednesday, Oct. 10, 5:15 - 6:30. Vet School, Classroom 6

This is the annual session in which we share our experiences with students, especially new graduate students at Cornell who are interested in cancer research. It's perhaps the most meaningful session of the year and has a lasting impact on the students. Here's how a reporter covered this session a few years ago.

How does Research Happen?
Wednesday, Nov. 7, 5:15 - 6:30 (Vet School, Classroom 6)

How does a cancer scientist take an idea and turn it into a project? How do you obtain funding? How do you set up a lab? What happens behind the scenes? Cornell Professors Bob Weiss and Claudia Fischbach will share their experiences and perspectives.

Lab Tours and Research Methods
Wednesday, Dec. 5, 5:15 - 6:30 (Vet School, Classroom 6)

We're arranging tours of some labs and a chance to learn about the concepts we hear about in many of our seminars. For example, what's a cell line? What's a mouse model? An organoid? (Watch for more details).


Read the latest blogs on cancer biology written by Cornell Trainees


Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes Collaborates with Cornell University
The Ithaca Voice

Cornell Cancer Researchers Listen To Patients' Stories
Cornell Chronicle

Comparative Cancer Biology Training Program Awarded Cornell University Town-gown Award For Collaboration with the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes
Cornell Chronicle

Candid conversation: Cancer patients and survivors connect with Cornell students 



How dogs are teaching researchers new tricks for treating cancer

The Danko Lab develops a new tool to study the genetic "switches" of tumor growth

Cornell faculty and trainees participate in the Biden Community Cancer Summit

Dr. Scott Coonrod receives Peter T. Rowley Breast Cancer Scientific Research Projects Grant from the Department of Health

Dr. Kristy Richards and colleagues receive an NIH grant to investigate cancer immunotherapy for the treatment of canine lymphoma

Dr. Andrew White’s group publishes a new study on how UV light contributes to melanoma

Profile of the Richards lab in a new article on 'Immunotherapy, Improving the Odds'

Cornell scientist Dr. Michael Lukey awarded a research grant from the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester

Grad Student Honored for Teaching, Cancer Patient Program

'Radical collaboration' sets its sights on cancer treatment 

Kristy Richards profiled in Ezra magazine

Cornell researchers participate in Ithaca Cancer Moonshot Summit
Cornell Chronicle

Cornell faculty featured in JAMA article on canine clinical trials for new cancer therapies



Tuesday, September 4, 12pm, Vet Research Tower, LH3
Cornell Cancer Biology WIP Seminar

Justin Wilson, Charles Danko

Tuesday, September 18, 4pm, Schurman Hall, LH4/5
3rd Annual Distinguished Lecture in Cancer Biology

Joan Massagué, PhD
Executive Director, GMTEC and Director, Sloan Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Origin, Latency and Outbreak of Metastatic Stem Cells
Student-led intro presentation on metastasis and cancer stem cells
Irma Fernandez (Weiss Lab), Matt Whitman (Fischbach Lab)

Biden Cancer Community Summit - Friday, Sept. 21
8-9 am. Royal Court Restaurant. Doctoral students Joe Druso and Elizabeth Moore will join the regular meeting of the Men's Breakfast Club to highlight the evolution of chemotherapy and cancer treatment in general. This is an informal question and answer session over breakfast. Everyone is welcome - men and women - to join us!
11:15-12:15pm Cancer Resource Center. Dr. Timothy Pierpont and doctoral student Regan Stephenson will discuss the hot topic of cancer immunotherapy. Bring your questions!
3-4pm Cancer Resource Center. "Ask a Cancer Scientist." Dr. Kelly Hume, a researcher and practicing veterinarian oncologist at Cornell, will be available to answer questions about cancer research. Stop by, say hello, and ask the questions you've been wondering about.
All sessions are open to the public.

Tuesday, October 2, 12pm, Baker Institute (235 Hungerford Hill Road), Thaw Lecture Hall
Baker Institute Seminar Series

Nicola Mason, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
"Canine CARs - A Four Wheel Drive For All Terrains"

Tuesday, October 2, 12pm, Vet Research Tower, LH3
Cornell Cancer Biology WIP Seminar

Iwijn De Vlaminck, Scott Coonrod

Wednesday, October 17, 1-3:30pm, Vet Res Tower, LH3
Pharmaceutical Drug Development Lecture

Scott Mischler, DVM, PhD, DipACLAM

Tuesday, October 23, 4pm, Vet Research Tower, LH3
Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series
Luke Dow, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry in Medicine, Weill Department of Medicine
Weill Cornell Medicine
Exploring the Cancer Genome at Single Base Pair Resolution

Tuesday, November 6, 12pm, Vet Research Tower, LH3
Cornell Cancer Biology WIP Seminar

Shu-Bing Qian, Warren Zipfel

Tuesday, December 4, 12pm, Vet Research Tower, LH3
Cornell Cancer Biology WIP Seminar

Praveen Sethupathy, Kristy Richards




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aboutUSThe Comparative Cancer Biology Program at Cornell University is a new initiative supported by the College of Veterinary Medicine to establish comprehensive interdisciplinary training and facilitate rigorous hypothesis-driven research in comparative cancer biology. The program brings together clinical and basic scientists at the College of Veterinary Medicine and promotes synergistic interactions with other investigators throughout Cornell University. Currently, the program supports the research activities of several graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and veterinary residents through competitive training awards. The program also sponsors a University-wide cancer symposium, College-wide mini-seminar series in cancer biology and an annual retreat.

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